Real Flavors is committed to improving the overall experience we offer our wholesale manufacturers. Your participation and engagement are essential to provide on-time products.

As of today (September 2nd), we have suspended retail sales and have moved to a new offline ordering system. This change will allow Real Flavors to manage our stock levels and production schedule better. We know you need precise production times, and for us to meet those deadlines. Once a PO is placed with a sales agent, we will report back to you the date we expect to ship. This information will be known clearly before any payment is accepted. 

Furthermore, for our customers in the vapor industry, we are expanding our services. Your orders will now ship with clear SDS, COA, and Ingredient listings needed for the PMTA process. We fully plan to help you with your flavor needs. 

New flavor options. This new system allows you access to our full flavor catalog. No longer will you be limited to what is listed online. Each flavor ordered is then assigned to your customer account, making it your own. When you order a new flavor, you will also be given options on that recipe and samples to try before purchasing. These new flavor codes will be unique to your company, and the recipe kept secret. 

Contracted pricing is now available for all wholesale customers. We understand pricing is vital to everyone. That is why we are moving to a new negotiated contract system based on volumes and the cost of goods. When you submit your new PO, you will see a slight price adjustment. Almost all flavors will now see a lower price than before. Customers who have a history of larger volume orders will be eligible for discounts as well. 

So how do you place an order moving forward? 

First, you are already set up in our new system. To place a wholesale order, please send your order to and include the following information:

  • The name of your store
  • The items and quantities you would like to order
  • Your shipping address
  • Any Purchase Order number you would like assigned to your order

Once we’ve received your order, someone from our team will respond and issue you an invoice within one business days with clear pricing and production times. This invoice may be paid directly online and must be paid before your order will be sent to our shipping and production teams.

Order minimums are going to change to adjust to the new production schedule. All super concentrate orders now have a minimum order of 1 gallon. All VG/PG flavors now have a minimum order of 4 gallons. This policy change is essential and will speed up the order processes time by 30%. Smaller bottles can still be bought from our resellers at discounted rates. We plan to work with more websites as we expand. 

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